LSA Conference for Lebanon, November 12 2021
LSA Conference for Lebanon 2021
Interview on TvSeventeen
with Founder of the Lebanese Swiss Association / Secretary-General of the Lebanese International Lobby Mr. Wadih Assaf
Wadih Assaf, Lebanese International Lobby
January 28, 2021
Sign our upcoming Petition 🇱🇧 Grand Corruption is a CRIME against Humanity – “Rome Statute”  Article 7.1 K
December 22, 2020
Zoom meeting with Mr. Maroun Keyrouz
Oct 10, 2020
Lebanese-Swiss Association about Dollarization in Lebanon with Mr. Partovi
Sep 17, 2020
The 2020 Winterthur Conference for Lebanon
Sept, 12, 2020
Statement of the President of the Association
August, 12 2020
من البيت – وديع عساف
Maryam TV Lebanon

June 23, 2020
Abou the answer of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs FDFA
June 7, 2020
About the Official Request to Act and Freeze the Bank Accounts of Lebanese Politically Exposed Person (PEP) in Switzerland under suspicion charge of corruption in Lebanon
February 24, 2020